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  • Guillaume


    Thanks to your help, I feel confident that I can solve any story problem to my current set of stories.

  • Jen


    Matthew's masterclass and story workshop in LA last month was amazing! It was so refreshing being in a room filled with talented people talking story, practicing story, and not only seeing what I was good at but what I needed improvement on.

  • Tim Helosuo

    Management Institute of Finland MIF

    Matthew is one of the most inspiring speakers to use stories and nurture creativity in a workplace. He can open the magic of storytelling, and explain the story creation structure and how to use stories effectively in business and brand building.

  • Robert "Bud" Kolich

    Director VizLab
    Fisher Price

    Matthew has a gift for explaining story structure that is both engaging and extremely understandable. His lectures and workshops at Fisher-Price have been attended by many in Marketing, Design and Media Production who look to improve their storytelling.

  • Mark

    Working professional

    Having read a bunch of screenwriting books over the years, and attended other big name seminars, Matthew brought a fresh and clear perspective on how to create stories and characters.

  • Kathryn Fox

    Bestselling, Internationally Acclaimed Author

    Matthew Luhn's passion, knowledge and experience are inspiring. His seminar is an absolute must if you want to learn about story structure and emotional core. I applied what I had learnt from Matthew to my last novel, and completely avoided the dreaded writer's block.

  • Alex Benay

    Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

    Matthew came in for the day and completely energized the entire Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation. Matthew taught us why to tell stories, how to communicate via storytelling and more importantly, was able to get our entire team going in the same direction, and this, in just one day!

  • Kellie


    Matthew's story seminar cemented for me that this is what I want to do with my life. I have just graduated and am looking for a job right now and cannot wait to put into practice everything that I learned at his seminar.

  • Madeline Sharafian

    Storyboard Artist
    Cartoon Network

    I had so much fun learning about story with Matthew! He made sure that everything was clearly explained, so when we jumped into an assignment we were prepared and excited to take it on. Matthew's ability to brainstorm inspired us to keep reaching for the answers even when we ran into problems!

  • Warren


    The wealth of knowledge and hands on experience you gave us in your story seminar and workshop are going to have a lasting impact!

  • Carl

    Working professional

    WOW------Matthew is an engaging and inspiring speaker and therefore a great teacher. Words cannot express how valuable the information was that Matthew so kindly shared with us. I see the path that I want to take in my life with far more clarity than I could have ever imagined after my one day story seminar with Matthew!

  • KC


    Thank you Matthew Luhn for the best & most helpful story workshop I ever attended!! I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!

  • Cortnee


    I'm interested in storyboarding, so this class was a wonderful help, especially aspects like the story spine, character development and the language of cinematography. One of the most helpful aspects was how Matthew encouraged all of us to not only work hard, but to work smart by understanding the different kinds of story processes- and even how to develop our own.

  • Morgan


    It was unbelievable to hear exactly what goes into the process of creating great stories at Pixar. It's only recently that I became interested in potentially being a story artist, so when I heard about the class, I was just like, fate! I am so glad I came because Matthew’s story class really helped me get excited about art and writing.

  • Mark Brownlow

    Series Producer
    BBC Natural History Unit

    Over the course of two days Matthew helped sculpt three compelling stories for the BBC. It was probably the most constructive two days on the entire production, thank you Matthew for your wisdom and entertaining us so much!

  • Emily Dean

    Story Artist
    Warner Brothers

    Matthew is a born storyteller and mentor. As a teacher, he demonstrates a true passion, drive, and expertise that is world class. Matthew is a true master of the craft of story.

  • Dirk van Dulmen

    Storyboard Artist - Shaun the Sheep Series
    Aardman Animations

    Matthew’s story classes in Rome were top notch. If you ever get the chance to attend one of Matthew’s story seminars or workshops, I definitely recommend going. Matthew knows his story stuff.

  • Yohan Blanc

    Co-founder & director of Institut ArtLine

    Matthew's classes definitely help students understand how a great story works and more importantly, he gives them the techniques to write one.

  • Randy Nelson

    Pixar University, Pixar Animation Studios and DreamWorks Education, DreamWorks Animation

    Rarely, you’re told a story so clearly, yet with such a sense of discovery and surprise, you find yourself living it, on many levels, simultaneously. Imagine if that story was a story about how the best storytellers make stories. Matthew provides just that balanced magic in his presentation of storytelling. Matthew makes better stories possible.

  • Heather B. Quick

    The Quick Law Group

    Attending Matthew’s story workshop has made a drastic difference in growing my business and my understanding of why I am in my business. By learning why we tell stories and how to effectively tell a story, I am now able to look at my story and write it in a way that can communicate to my clients and staff.

  • Michael Ogden

    Creative Director
    Sony Entertainment

    Working with Matthew is a joy. His love of story is contagious, and his ability to generate and capture ideas is a marvel. He's an inspiring, natural born teacher, whose methods are clear and convincing.

  • Jenna Calvao

    Community Program Coordinator
    The Walt Disney Family Museum

    Matthew's Story Workshop at The Walt Disney Family Museum was inspiring, full of energy and gave a clear explanation of the story process from beginning to end. There was a wide experience range among the students that participated, but whether they were a pro or just getting started everyone had something to take away from Matthew’s story workshop.

  • Amit Kotecha

    Head of Marketing EMEA, Quantcast

    Matthew was a true professional to work with. He customized his presentation to match our theme on data, and as he promised made the audience laugh, cry and learn something new about storytelling. He is a truly inspirational and inspiring speaker! I hope we can work together in the future.

  • Hazel Marshall

    BBC Academy Story Trainer

    Matthew's classes are a must have for anyone who wants to know how to tell a great story whichever medium they work in. He has a genuine love and knowledge of story, which shines through in every seminar.

  • Ed


    Just wanted to say thank you for an informative and entertaining day at Matthew’s story seminar in New York. Both myself, and my students enjoyed it thoroughly. I was able to add a number of tricks to my quiver! Take care!

  • Brittney


    I just wanted to thank Matthew so much for his lecture yesterday in New York. This is the second time that I've heard hin speak and every time I leave I feel extremely inspired and ready to take on the world!

  • Spencer


    Matthew’s class is really valuable to anyone who is interested in filmmaking or animation. It was very interesting to learn about the story spine, and I appreciated his cinematography advice. I put everything he taught me into my current work.

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Attendees of Matthew Luhn's Story seminars, workshops, and keynotes